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RESEÑA shantall (en ingles)

como ya saben mi espanol no es muy bueno asi que aqui les dejo mi experiencia con shantall en ingles


----- Atributos Físicos y Generales
1) Estilo de trabajo: escort
2) Edad: looks late 20s
3) Color de piel: pretty light skinned
4) Estatura: about 5'9"
5) Cara: sexy with fuck me eyes and full lips
6) Senos surgery big
7) Cola: surgery big
8) Verga: around 7"-8"

----- Atributos NO Físicos
9) Aseo: very clean. impecable. smelled nice
10) ¿Da besos?: yes DKF and very nice
11) Calidad del oral / anal: BBBJ with DT and one of the best TUMA (beso negro) ive had in my life

----- Otros Puntos
13) En dónde fue el servicio: her apt near poblado
14) ¿Es como las fotos?: i think she looked better in person
15) Calificación final: 9/10
16) Comentario general: really great experience. listened to what i wanted and acted accordingly

my medellin trip came and went quickly. i was only there for 3 days and as much as i wanted to try a couple of the city's trans girls i only had time for one. shantall has been reviewed here in the past and pretty positively and i must agree. her response time was quick, she was warm and amicable on whatsapp. i told her (as i had mentioned here before) that i am always a top with a trans girl but i wanted to try to be a bottom for the first time. i told her i needed someone with patience, that knew how to do it with a first timer, and had experience with it. we came to an agreement of 300k which imo was a bit pricey at first but i left SUPER happy and content and the rate seemed fair in the end. once i reached her location i went up and she greeted me with a big smile. she started by putting me on my knees and teaching me how to suck. she was dominant and took charge just like i wanted. i DT her which i have never done in my life. not because she was small but because she knew how to position her cock and my head at a good angle to facilitate the process. then she sucked me and DT me which was again fantastic. followed by a HOT 69 were we sucked each other and then rimmed each other. she put the hat on and told me to get on all 4s. some more TUMA that was an absolute delight. she ate me like it was her favorite meal. then she started to penetrate me. started slow, picked up speed then started pounding. it hurt a little i asked her to stop and she did immediately. put me on my back and brought my knees to my head. she fucked me passionately, deep, with long strokes as she kissed me. i wrapped my legs around her and my hands alternated between her ass and her breasts. this went on for a few minutes untill she asked me if she could finish in my mouth. i let her, another first for me. i asked her to bend over and i ate her ass while i JO untill i came all over her back. she told me i was handsome, let me wait for my uber in her room instead of outside, gifted me a huge blunt and lighter after i mentioned i was looking for some trees, walked me out, another kiss, and good bye.

the only reason i dont give her a 10 is because the implants on both her ass and her breasts were a bit too hard for my liking so 9/10. other than that it was a great experience and i enjoyed it very much. i plan on going back to medellin because i loved the city, the people, the food, the vibe, the ambience. and while i dont like to ever double dip, i like to see new girls and never repeat, i might make an exception for her.

i have seen others on here asking about trying to bottom for first time or looking for a good trans that tops. while my experience in medellin is obviously limited all i can say is that i would ABSOLUTELY and UNDOUBTEDLY recommend her for new and experienced bottoms alike. enjoy.
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